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The Chances
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The Chances

posted 10/17/00

The Chances

The chances of meeting you are slim and next to none
But we're both young
And the journey has just begun
I see clouds, stars, the moon, and The SUN.

Where do go
On this long and winded road
If only you knew, cuz I wanna know
So where do we go?

Is this just a dream inside my head
Am I to know before I go to bed
And will I ever know before I am dead
This, the lonely, single, outcasted, thought that I dread.

Are we destined to fail
Or will we be blessed to sail
I wanna make you my queen and hail
Oh God, please God don't let it fail!

My imagination runs ballistic
My thoughts are jumbled and hectic
Who, what, when, where, why make me sick
I don't even know what I have, to pick.

I wanna see the light
I will struggle and I will fight
Let me see the light in the night
Let me have my sight!

I wanna open the eyes in my mind
So I can find
In the web of my complex kind

The intricate solution
To my detailed, in depth, investigation
But sometimes my mind goes on vacation
Or sometimes it just goes in contradiction.

Am I just a dumb nigga or am I smart?
My mind is deep, in my heart
I just don't where to start
Cupid's arrow struck me hard.

And though you are afar
You're a golfers par
Just hop in the car
You are my bright and shining star!!!!

by Taylor