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The Shower

posted 10/16/00

The Shower

There have been times, I feel so dirty
I never thought that sin would really hurt me
I'd have to take a shower
At least every quarter hour
Then I realized, hey, something is wrong
I've been in this shower for way, WAY too long
And for some reason I feel like I'm at home
But in this lil' shower there isn't room to roam
I grab the bar of sub and begin to rub away the dirt
I rub, and scrub so hard my skin begins to hurt
I can't get clean myself
I think I need some serious help
Now if you're reading my rhyme
And you don't have a lot of time
Then it wont make sense
And it might not make sense unless you've been this intense
Here's an idea I'ma take a bath
I'm Sittin' in the tub and I begin to do the math
I'm sittin' in the grunge
So I stand up and grab the sponge
Rub a dub dub
Did I say a dub ok I'ma smoke some bud
I'm real high now but still no love
In frustration I look up and see love from above
Maybe all the dirt
Is some really deep hurt
I can't get clean
I think its time for a new King
Hands reached out and took my wash rag
He opened my mind, soul, and heart and then he said "dag"
Look at all this filth
It's all clogged, cruddy, and built
And then he smiled and said "but it's ok"
"You're my son I'll wash it all away"
In that moment that instant in time
It seemed as though the whole world was mine
You know I've been in this shower for a real long time
I'm a little hungry, I hope that's not a crime
Now it's time to move on I feel able
He said "ok son, come and sit at my table."

By Taylor