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posted 10/16/00

Dear Grandma I was thinking of you tonight
I was wishin' you'd of seen the light
But it's aight
I can't judge you
Nor would I want to
Don't tell anyone but I think I'd be a little bias
You remember your hugs were always the tightest
And when you asked for some sugar
I ran over to you, go figure
Anyway I miss you
I hope you know all those who loved you, too
I remember when we would play in the yard
And you'd be in the kitchen cookin' with some lard
You know it was real hard
Losin' you Grandma
The pain, especially at the funeral, ahhh
And when they closed the casket
As I walked passed it
That was my last glimpse
Of your beautiful face, that I miss

I Love You Grandma

Love always,


Dedicated to my Grandmother in hopes that it helps all those who have lost someone they love.